Energy Policy Report Design, Redefined

When the Electrification Coalition needed to make their case for a clean-tech national transportation grid to leaders in the private and public sectors, they asked MSDS for help. The resulting business case study and policy report paves a new way for electrification, forging common ground for public-private partnership across government, industry, technology, and manufacturing to revolutionize transportation, combat climate change, strengthen the economy and advance energy security.

Beyond the Beltway

Since its inception, the Electrification Coalition has turned to MSDS to design its brand and communications, emphasizing data-visualization rich policy and economic analysis. Recognizing the need for a new voice to advance a unique solution to America's crippling oil dependence, the EC asked MSDS to help them reach beyond the traditional ranks of the beltway policy apparatus by creating a shared commitment from business across industries such as technology, utilities, manufacturing to work with government at the federal, state, and local levels.

Generating Traction for Electrification

Affecting a fundamental shift in transportation is about more than just reaching a diverse audience; it's about delivering a persuasive argument and a workable strategy. It requires balancing breadth with depth to make a case that is both comprehensible and compelling. MSDS worked with the Electrification Coalition to develop content strategy and architecture to balance their objectives, segmenting the argument structure into four focused parts: the Case for Electrification, Challenges, Solutions, and Policy Recommendations.

Upending the Design Policy on Policy Publications

Traditional policy reports make for a pretty uncompelling read for even the most staunch policy wonks—long-winded and poorly designed. We designed a more effective approach to help the EC make their case, creating multiple entry points to content and strong visual cues. Rather than a linear narrative with a singular beginning and end, the EC's content is broken up into digestible pieces, complemented by richly visualized data, photography, illustrations, callouts, and other devices.

The result is a new kind of policy report that gains and maintains readers' interest—generating outsized support from a well-informed, committed audience empowered to help realize the promise of a national electrified transportation system.

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