Increasing Impact for a Leader in Middle East Policy Analysis

Nonprofit think tank the Middle East Policy Center has been providing insight and analysis for nearly 30 years. Saddled with a cumbersome online publishing system and poorly architected website, the MEPC needed a quicker, easier way to publish and a user experience to made their research more accessible. We partnered with the MEPC to transform how they publish, while helping them more effectively engage and influence audiences around the world.

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Increase in In-bound Referral Traffic in First Year
Increase in Repeat Visits Within First Year
Project Case Study Policy Think Thank Website User Experience Design

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Horizon Interactive Bronze Award, Nonprofit

Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class

Communicator Award of Distinction

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“MSDS fundamentally changed how we communicate online for the better, turning our website into an essential publishing center. We’re now able to respond to current events more quickly and publish more frequently, while our archive of “Middle East Policy” has now been introduced to a much wider audience.”

– Anne Joyce, Vice President, The Middle East Policy Council

MSDS Insights

How to Make Content-Heavy Websites More Engaging & Effective
It’s official—our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish . As far back as 1971…wait, what was I about to say? Anyway, though the goldfish statistic does oversimplify things, there’s no denying that sustaining online engagement has...
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MSDS New & Notable

ClimateWorks Foundation Rebranding and New Website Design Launches
Expanding MSDS's concentration in branding and interactive for organizations addressing climate change and sustainability, MSDS is very pleased to celebrate the rebranding of the ClimateWorks Foundation and the launch of their new website , for...
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MSDS Founder to Author Weekly Column With Philanthropy News Digest
Beginning in January, 2015, Philanthropy News Digest , a daily news service of the Foundation Center, announced it will begin publishing a monthly column on their PhilanTopic website, authored by MSDS Founder and Director of Strategy, Matthew...
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New Souls Grown Deep Foundation Website Launches
MSDS is very pleased to celebrate the release of the Souls Grown Deep Foundation's new website, for which we were the nonprofit's UX and design partner. MSDS worked with the foundation to bring its collection of works, the largest of it's kind in...
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