A New Way Forward for Women & Business

The global nonprofit leader in expanding opportunities for women and business, Catalyst asked MSDS to help create an online platform that would transform how they interact with audiences around the world. Their goal? To move from a research-driven organization with a one-way broadcasting model to one that connects & collaborates with its membership of thousands around the world. Together, we built the platform to get them there.

Creating a Deeper Engagement
Celebrating 50 years of research & leadership, Catalyst sought to turn their community of business leaders, academics, and individuals into a global movement working together to advance women & business. Accomplishing this, however, would require a shift in how the organization operated—and a rethinking of how everyone within Catalyst would contribute. 

We started by prioritizing organizational goals for all of Catalyst's teams and their audience's needs, then developed a user experience and technical plan to make it a reality. The new Catalyst.org would be a collaborative community and the place to share ideas, learn, and stimulate new thinking on diverse and inclusive workplaces—with Catalyst's brand firmly at the center of the global discussion. 

Delivering More Insight & Value
A top priority for Catalyst was to make sure their valuable research, tools & events were front-and-center throughout the site experience. We integrated multiple software platforms and social media channels that allow Catalyst to deliver more insightful research while providing more ways for their audience to engage and participate. 

Catalyst also offers unparalleled industry data, tracking a range of global business trends. We helped bring their research to life while making it more useful for audiences, with custom visualization tools that speed publishing of dynamic data. And chart embedding makes it just as easy for Catalyst's audience to share research with others. A global directory of Catalyst's network of experts and a research database cements Catalyst's leadership, while strongly differentiating from others in the space.

A New Face for the Brand
With a new strategy and execution plan in place to exponentially increase Catalyst's impact, it was time to design a new aesthetic announcing Catalyst's transformation. The new Catalyst.org leads with a bold, vibrant palette, and is anchored by a gridded structure and clean typography that makes interacting with its content-rich pages a pleasure.

Since its launch, audiences are now staying longer, sharing more content, and getting more involved. As a result Catalyst is not only known for producing the best research in the world on diversity & inclusion in business, they also have one of best places to experience it online.

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