Creating Clarity Around the Numbers

Increasingly, brands rely on data to help tell their story and quantify their impact. We specialize in data visualization; taking complex ideas and dynamics and communicating them with both simplicity and depth—creating a shared understanding for audiences through the power of a single image.

Making Sense of it All
These days, we're pretty much drowning in data; the real challenge is designing new ways to make good use of it. That's where data visualization comes in. Leveraging disciplines like content strategy, information architecture, and of course, design, effective data visualization simplifies complex concepts and presents them in ways that help audiences draw greater meaning from information. The results create clarity and understanding—transforming data from a mere byproduct of what we do into a key driver for how and why we do it.

The Pitfall and the Promise
The key to successful data visualization is to focus on the essential and get to the point. So while a well-illustrated or designed visualization can add tremendous value to your message, if it's overrun with extraneous beautification and decoration or misleading information, its impact is likely going to be diluted, creating a credibility gap between your audience and your brand. And with no shortage of tools for interactive data visualization, it's essential to make sure the point isn't drowned out by unnecessary bells & whistles. That's why we integrate strategy to make sure we understand brand goals and audience interest before setting a course on how to meet them.

A Language Unto Itself
Data visualizations run the gamut of everthing from simple charts and graphs that create clarity around the numbers to maps, diagrams, and process illustrations that rely on abstraction to draw their own meaning. Regardless of which visual devices are used, effective data visualizations have one thing in common: a logical, thoughtful system for integrating these elements into a cohesive whole. They're part of a brand's rosetta stone—establishing a consistent scheme and design language to help audiences identify and interpret what they see and offering a branded platform for greater exploration and understanding.