Designing a New Way Forward for Nonprofits

For the last 14 years, we've specialized in integrated strategy, branding and website design for nonprofits, universities and educational institutions, applying our multi-disciplinary Cause-Driven Design® practice to deepen engagement, increase support and donations, and ultimately connect the dots between action and impact.

Designing Around What's True

At its heart, Cause-Driven Design® is about collaborating with nonprofits and educational institutions to design brand experiences built on the big ideas and simple truths that drive them to build a better world, then designing communications that bring them to life. Through research, strategy, and stakeholder engagement, we identify what's vital to the mission and your audience, then plan the best ways to achieve it—designing branding, user experience, and websites that make it clear what you stand for and why you matter, strengthening audience engagement, raising awareness, and ultimately making a measurable impact.

Increasing Support and Donations

Nonprofits have some of the most difficult branding challenges of all: selling a vision of a better future, often for people far removed from our daily lives in sometimes distant places; then deepening audience engagement to advance the mission. For 14 years, we've specialized in helping clients bridge the gap between engagement and impact by designing experiences that are clarion calls to action.

Combining best practices in messaging, multimedia storytelling, and most importantly, direct-response conversion-driven design, we help drive donations and strengthen support for nonprofits and academic institutions, building brand experiences that clearly make the case why audiences need to get engaged and involved. By creating a closer connection between things like your issue areas, programs, and initiatives and the greater good, we'll not only design a brand experience that supports your cause, but one which is also worthy of it.

Aligned With Your Cause

At MSDS, working with nonprofits and academic institutions is in our DNA. We only take on projects with causes we believe in, and show our support by extending a "Design-in-Kind" donation for every nonprofit project. If you're a nonprofit, university, or school looking to develop branding, design, and user experiences that motivate others to follow your lead, get in touch—we'd love to help you make the case.